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Surf.Club Höllviken

When you arrive on site to Surf.Club Höllviken (located next to Bar Porto in Höllviken) you’ll be greeted by our team of instructors to take care of you.

What you need to know

  • For Radinn Surf Club Höllviken, we have two sessions each morning and two sessions each afternoon.

  • Each session has 4 spots, but can be booked individually (if you are a larger group please enquire prior to booking)

  • A session typically lasts 1 hr 30 mins, but you can count on riding the board out on the water for approximately 30-40 minutes (or a battery session)

  • You must be 15 years old to ride

  • Jetboarding is a physically challenging activity, and most people are very happy and pleasantly tired after their ride.

You can book an experience no matter the level you are at, whether it’s your first time or if you have tried it out before. For the beginner you’ll get a thorough briefing so you feel confident and safe in how the jetboard is operated and


works, safety on water and what to do to get going! We have wetsuits in all sizes that you can borrow, and you’ll also be provided with an impact vest and helmet for your safety.


So make your surf dream a reality on a Radinn jetboard this summer! Regardless if you are an avid surfer or this is your first time on a board – we dare say you’re gonna have a whole lot of fun!

Since jetboarding is a weather dependent activity, we won’t let beginners ride if there are waves on the water, because it will be tough to get a great experience out of it. We will reschedule for another occasion. And we may make the decision to reschedule even more skilled riders in windier conditions for safety reasons.


Return visitors

When you visit again at Radinn Surf.Club, you’ll get a shorter briefing on being out on the water and the rules in the area. Ask us about Pro-mode, which will allow you to enter faster speeds!

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