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Radinn Surf.Club is a pilot project started by Radinn. Radinn is a world leading manufacturer of jetboards. The company started in Malmö in 2013 and sell the jetboards to over 87 countries all over the world! The access to a test ride has been very limited, so this unique opportunity is a step for you to try out jetboarding for the first time!


Our vision is to bring the dream of surfing to every person and the Surf.Club is a major step in realizing that vision!


Follow us on Radinn official Instagram, Facebook and on Instagram for great inspiration on how you will see any body of water with completely new eyes!

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How long can I ride a jetboard?
The battery lasts a little different depending on the weight of the rider and driving style, but about 30 minutes is the estimated driving time
Is there an age limit?
The minimum age for driving is 15 years and then in the presence of a guardian. 18 years are required to drive without an adult and identification must be able to be shown while driving.
Will you be able to guarantee that I will be able to drive?
The vast majority manage to get on and drive our jetboard at the first opportunity. However, we can not guarantee that you will succeed on your first try, but our instructors are always there to help you get the most out of your session!
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